VMN Statewide Photo Contest 2019

The 2019 VMN Statewide Photo Contest allows each chapter to submit in any/all categories that they would like. They allow one submission per category per chapter.

The Holston Rivers Chapter would like to have a mini photo contest. Judges will choose the lucky winner(s) to submit to the state on behalf of the Holston Rivers Chapter.

Deadline to submit photos for chapter contest will be July 9th, 2019.

Email your photos to holstonriversmn@gmail.com with your name, email, image title, location, date image was taken, species name (common & scientific), and any additional information you would like to submit.

*** by submitting your photo to the contest you are giving permission for the local chapter and state program to use your photo in marketing, social media, and publications.***

There are 5 Categories:
1. Virginia Native Wildlife
2. Virginia Native Plant and Fungi World
3. Virginia native Landscapes
4. Virginia Native Macro and Night Photography
5. Virginia Master Naturalists in Action

We look forward to seeing your 2019 photos!